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We had the first Boston Ingress meet-up last night! Special thanks to everyone for making it so awesome!


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Brandon Badger and the Ingress account on G+ today informed us that every agent L6-L8 has recieved 1 invite to hand out to their friends.  I'm not sure if this will be available if you are about to level into 6 or if you had to be L6 - L8 when they made this announcement.


For more information, visit Brandon Badger's post at this link.


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What Are Power Cubes?


Yesterday, we were informed by the G+ News feed that a new item is being added to the game. Ingress refers to it as a "Power Cube".


Not much is known about this item, speculation ranges from a container / 1 time use item that will allow a user to regain XM by consuming it.  Others are saying it could be used as an alternative portal / link point.  All we know for sure is that they are not in-game yet (see the comments on the G+ feed, Joe Philley says it himself.)


More news as it becomes available!


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